Plan and organize your events with your Krew at the tap of a button! No phone calls, no messages and certainly no more emails to sort out plans with your mates.

Vendor Benefits

Connect with your customers! Know what they like and learn what they want.

Your way, your rules

You control your pricing, ground rules and availability. Entry and usage of your venue is at your discretion. 

Automated data collection

Have full knowledge of who is using your facilities, when and how often. Data from users visiting your establishment through the Application allow you to better track, market and price your services.

Influx of new customers

Your venue and services are marketed on the application by default. Having you as part of the team means all App users will see your venue and all it has to offer almost immediately.

About Us

Krews is the brainchild of two brothers who grew up in Abu Dhabi. It all started a few years ago with them spending as much free time as they could out at sea. Jet-skiing, football, fishing and everything else in between. These trips always involved adventure, laughs and conversations about the future. Ideas were often passed back and forth until one day, they thought of a new, exciting and untouched market. And that is how the story of Krews began.

Planning your next sports or social event is just a click away

Krews is an online application that allows users to easily connect, plan and organize events with each other. Whether it’s looking for a fun chill out session or wanting to partner with buddies to play a game of football, Krews is the platform that will get you the company you’re in the mood for.
For more info on fees and pricing please refer to the “Access to and Use of Our Application” section of the T’s & C’s.